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. >> and the battery maker is given our green and now green lighting it to china. >> i will not cede the wind or solar to china or germany because we will refuse the same commitment here . ♪musicú ♪the more i search0forú my significance,♪ ♪seems0r ♪and0i0ú a0difference♪ ♪in anyú i've been0here♪ ♪and0i0ú laughter♪ ♪it's tp i've ever knownp♪ ♪i0don'ú happensp♪ ♪but i0e ♪and0i0h in you♪ see you then. >> paid by you and me the taxpayers. new york city teacher is about to earn a million buckings for doing nothing. he was booted out of the classroom over allegationsf sexually harassing students. he can't get fired and he does office shores for 85,000 a year. >> this would not happen in the private sector. incompetents is regrarded . it is shameful for the man to have this job. i think once again we need to stee there needs to be a move to put a mark based process in education . if schools are underperforming hit the breakings. >> what do you say monica. >> they are adult mersion of time out for kid. this would never happen in the private sector. cost is so outrageous.
of this and it's making us weak. china is taking advantage of that. okay, make this connection. >> as you know, china other than the u.s. federal reserve is more in debt than any other institution in the world. i am not making the case that it's only the fact that we owe the chinese so much money that these kinds of things happen. here is the case i'm making. if you look at the behavior of this administration and you could maybe even make the case for the bush administration as well. there is no question that we have backed off and enforcing a lot of the types of activities and behavior that we would expect. for example, we have.in terms of discipline in china on helping north korea get a bomb. we have backed up disappointing china in terms of stealing. the we know that they are stealing our international property. it's applied to mitt romney romney brought up during the campaign. by the way, you used the right point. i don't expect the u.s. government to do much about it is the one who is saying what you are saying. that our debt is making us weak and it's affecting our position in the world.
a working together is - the boy tech companies are calling san francisco home. through china s f we have attracted you 15 companies from china. we we're expanding public partnership to china and asia and othe and others companies >> our record 4 four and a half million passengers floosz san francisco airport in 2012 up 8 percent last year with more expected in this year 2013. >> that's why we have to work together for the center and the budgeted committee will be taking up this week and we'll be competing with alaska and others large cities for trade shows. yes. but our economic recovery or our economic progress is not just taking place to mission bay or our own downtown i can see it in our commercial corridors and commissioner kim knows that no where that our neighbors are more deserving to the makts place. not even two years ago we offered a break for our payroll tax for businesses who agents to move in and create more jobs. this area in downtown has resisted growth. the results in two years time have been great. room for 5 thousand seven hundred jobs and behold now we're seeing the
efforts to resolve energy disputes from the south china sea to the eastern mediterranean. this has been helped significantly by the increase in our own domestic production. as iranian oil has gone offline, other oil has gone online. levers of power and values we cannot afford to ignore. universal rights exist. governments are obligated to protect them. we're at the front lines of today's emerging battles like the fight to defend the communities and religious minorities wherever and whoever they are. virtually every country that threatens peace is a place where the rule of law is weak. places where women and girls are treated as second class human beings. just ask a woman from pakistan. as the women who can no longer go to school. the woman in the congo endure rape. the jury is in. if women and girls everywhere were treated as equal to men in rights and opportunities, we would see political and economic progress everywhere. this is not only a moral issue. it is and economic issue and the unfinished business of the 21st century. one of the first things i did was to elevate the office of g
and along geary boulevard and china town and so those are three districts in the invest in neighborhoods program. we are going to be working to get the ada out reach. the out reach that we partnered with aand d, asian neighborhood design and they helped us design this brochure as part of our... it functions as two things as part of the out reach with the ada out reach program and also as a brochure that property owners are required to provide to their tenants knew or when they renew their lease. >> there are two structures with the out reach program with asian neighborhood design. they go door-to-door in the targeted areas and talk to business owners, and we are trying this approach because we have seen that the city goes in and starts talking to business owners and they are sort of kind of a blank wall that happens and the listening, they tend to shut down and are intimidated and we are trying the approach of having a third party entity that is not government going in and having a conversation with the business owner. and so working with the business owner, and walking or doing an on-si
three of the nation's biggest newspapers. some of these companies suspect that china is behind all of this and nancy cordes has been investigating. >> twitter called it an extremely sophisticated attack, that may have compromised as many as 250,000 user names passwords and e-mail addresses. a top official at the social networking site posted this message. this attack was not the work of amateurs, he said, and we do not believe it was an isolated incident. twitter won't say who is behind the attack, but it is the fourth high profile hacking to surface this week. atto date the washington post revealed it too had been targeted following similar announcements from the wall street journal and "the new york times". all three newspapers say they suspect the attacks originated in china. based on our experience, we would say there is a high degree of activity that originates from there. >> dave merkel is with mandiant the secure company that helped the post and the times identify and shut down the attacks. he says it is nearly impossible for companies to completely eliminate the threat of g
to china, that there were all kinds of political problems, that should not be ignored and therefore going might somehow condone it, none of which i agreed with. but i really didn't get the final go-ahead from the administration to lead the delegation until quite close to the time of the speech. now, i'd been thinking about all these issues my entire life and had certainly begun working on them as first lady. so when thinking about the speech and working on it with my team, i knew that we had to be as clear as possible because ambiguity is not our friend in making the case for women and girls because people can always try to smooth off the edges and say, "well, she didn't really say that women should vote and women should have full equality, she said we should take better care of our women." so we had to be absolutely clear. and, you know, that statement could not have been clearer. the fact that it had to be made in 1995 was somewhat discouraging. and the reaction to it was certainly gratifying to me. but it just shows how much work there was ahead of us, that a statement about humans rig
of the kind of things you want to see, cap and trade or perhaps a carbon tax or things like that. china and india continue to add a power plant, essentially, every week. so, do you look at that and say climate change is going to happen, no matter what at this point? >> well, some climate change is already happening and will continue to happen. the physics of the problem are quite challenging. we put, well, 85% of the internal used by earth inc., it comes from fossil fuels. and the combustion of those fuels results in us putting 90 million tons of heat-trapping pollution into the atmosphere every day, as if it's an open sewer. it does obey the laws of physics. it traps enough extra energy every day to equal the amount in 400,000 hiroshima atomic bombs. filling the sky with a lot more water vapor and these great basins of water vapor in the sky are now filled or overflowing. you get the kind of downpours in my home city in nashville where thousands lost their homes and businesses and had no flood insurance because it was a once in a 1,000-year event. yesterday in australia 2.5 feet of rai
there to take care of the elderly. china -- china already has what is called a slow-motion human catastrophe where you are going to have literally hundreds of millions of people who are elderly with no state support whatsoever in terms of pension and health care and very little money to support them because they have this one-child policy and almost no progeny of their own. so what are the chinese going to do with her old people? it's a terrifying question. >> host: well, if you are convinced that this is a disaster of some kind what works and what doesn't? what can be done? what if anything can the government do to encourage women or families to have more children? >> guest: [inaudible] that is how we sell books. [laughter] people have been trying to do this for a long time. seasseas are augusta saw they ha fertility problem and the empire. he tried to get people to get married and have kids and it didn't work or that the soviet union had a fertility problem so stalin commissioned a motherhood medal giving it out to women who had five or more children. you can get them on ebay for $5 today
to acknowledge its discriminations in tibet or in western china against the uyghur people. many nations hide from their past but we owe people the truth. we owe them their history and we owed them repair and we are not doing that. not only that, we don't even want to talk about it as a society. >> host: you say that this loss of heritage is comparable to the holocaust and some of the other genocides. >> guest: the holocaust was 12 years. this was 246 years plus the century that people lost where they lost their languages. they. they lost their culture, they lost everything. many people had their severed. people lost their tongues. thomas jefferson when he was a boy at two years old had a relationship with a 14-year-old girl, sally hammonds, that he owned and wasn't from the -- we know what it would be called today. that was routine. we lost any idea of who we were. it was our past, our memory was banished and we worked ourselves to an early death. rebuilt the capital, built the white house, and doubt harvard law school which was endowed by isaac royal from the proceeds and the sale of slaves that
china, yet pes are down 14. in my mind, and right now, still difficult, i think we have the ability to move higher. gerri: all right. stocks are cheap. is it possible that -- look, the only thing that's working is the stock market. ben bernanke keeps printing money. is that the reasoning, you think? >> yeah, i mean, think about it like this; right? where else you going to go. the fed is injecting billions of dollars into the economy, the monetary system, monetizing our debt, which we'll reap those issues down the road, but right now, you said it. there's no other asset performing the way the u.s. equity markets will, and people don't understand china to put the money there. this is the place to be. gerri: let me ask this, though. everybody on the floor today so excited about dow 14,000. again, it's, you know, it's 30 stocks, people, don't get excited. the reality is this. we have been here, and it was seven years ago. we have been here, and it was seven years ago. to me, i remember that, and i think, oh, that's disappointing that it took us this long to get back to where we should b
prepare for future conflict and russia, china, and other nation states improve their ew capabilities. u.s. forces depend on vast networks for intelligence, strikes, navigation and logistics, and leaders realize that any smart enemy will attack these systems in any conflict to handicap american forces. among the changes to bert protect forces has been to merge cyber and ew operations which are intimately intertwined. joining us are the four men who head the ew efforts for their respective services. colonel jim ekvall, chief of war far division. captain greg smith, director of the navy's threet electronic warfare, colonel jim "hook" pryor, chief of air force electronic warfare, and lieutenant colonel jason "dizzy" schuette, head of the warfare branch. guys, welcome. >> thank you. >> colonel he can value, let me start with you but i want to kind of go around the table to get everybody's quick update on ew threats are that your services are facing and what you are doing them to prepare for the future. >> thanks, vag go. appreciate you taking time out to do. this our focus is the enemy's com
did the chinese new year public safety kick off today. at the gates to china town and we will put out a campaign against the asian bag scams that we worked closely with the da's office, asian poa and project safe, chief beal was critical in putting that together, we got about 3,000 bags, that have, that reduced the bag scams in hong kong by about 80 percent. and we are hoping to have similar luck here so nobody else gets cheated. and very quickly, there has been a lot of press today about a search warrant that was issued and served yesterday, i am going over a cold case the kevin collins case from 84 and, the first one that was put on the milk car ton and we had good information that was developed and working with the f.b.i. we got a search warrant and the serve in alamena county allowed us to borrow two of the cadaver dogs, the dogs hit, both of them inside of the premise, and there was excavation done and bones found. and it appears that they are the bones of an animal. and the investigation goes and continues, there are more interviews to be done before we put out any picture id of
agreed to hold talks in china following months of heavy fighting in the north of the country. so far they have failed to reach any kind of truce. france is now one step closer to wreak -- to legalizing same-sex marriage. they voted to drop the legal language that required marriage to be between two people of the opposite sex. protests have been held in paris against the move. it will need to hit the french senate before getting through. the gay community in taiwan is pushing the government to legalize same-sex marriage, saying it could lead to a rise in a rights in asia. >> following tradition has always been important, but equally important has been the need to be open about their same-sex relationship. the clash between love and a conservative asian culture cast a shadow over the couple until last year, when there temple agreed to marry them in a buddhist ceremony. largely symbolic and not legal, it was the first ever such event allowed in taiwan. >> we are very happy to have been made -- and to have been married in such a dignified place. >> as of late, the gay and lesbian communi
them to start the business and create those jobs in china, or india, or mexico, or someplace else. that is not how you grow new industries in america. that is how you give new industries to our competitors. that is why we need comprehensive immigration reform. [applause] now, during my first term, we took steps to try to patch up some of the worst cracks in the system. first, we strengthen security at the borders so that we could finally stem the tide of illegal immigrants. we put one puts on the ground on the southern border than in any other time in history. today, a legal crossings are down nearly 80% from their peak in 2000. [applause] second, we focused our enforcement efforts on criminals who are here illegally and in danger our communities. today, deportations of criminals is at its highest level ever. [applause] third, we took up the cause of the dreamers. the young people who were brought to this country -- [applause] young people who have grown up here, have their lives here, teachers here. we said if you are able to meet basic criteria, like pursuing an education, then
, afghanistan, the bombings in syria, egypt in chaos, al qaeda all over the place, china with the military migh north kor talking about anotr test, targeting the united states. why didn't they get into that stuff? >> it was up to the members to do it but they did not get into it. it was not the objective. the objective from one side was to make sure the president's nominee gets through. the other side was to do everything they could to damage him. it was not a good display of congressional oversight. >> this is a guy who said -- he voted against designang the voluonarguar inran a terror organization. badgering to ask the guy to explain that? he had no answer. >> when i heard him talk about it, speaking to the senator from virginia, jim webb, he took that argument and persuaded him. >> the same that dick lugar did, and john kerry, joe biden to last a blunt about this. barack obama had taken that position the reality was, it was another backdoor attempt, and jim webb put it on the record. another backdoor attempt of the administration of george bush and on rumsfeld and dick cheney to say now we h
that china has placed on our allies in asia through the confrontations over these gas bespeckled islands in the south china sea. i daresay as interesting as it may sound, and my present -- secretary clinton who made her first trip to asia, i have heard rumors to the effect incoming secretary of state kerry will make its first trip to the middle east. we are going to pivot to asia,. back to the middle east seems to repave it. host: -- repivot. host: u.s. sanctions are proving counterproductive. the economy is in ruins. the countrydeadlocked in the cos heading toward sectarian breakup. the grim prognosis for syria is provided by the latest report provided by the state department working with the free syrian army. guest: i admire him and i know he has been writing quite a bit about him lately. he is symptomatic of the disease that has set into washington, which is a new-found interest in syria. when the revolution began, to find voices of concern over syria was a virtually impossible treasure hunt. we were expressing deep concern than that unless we involve ourselves, when i say involved, i
to places they can have china and initially people in india and china didn't know how to do the work while. for having a really difficult time getting those jobs back. they make a mistake of that magnitude. markets are constantly making this tape and correction processes, but they never make the mistake of that magnitude. it takes government policy to create that the state. in this case a three bit culprits, the fdic in government housing policy. a fundamental context are the root cause argued made by the federal reserve. something many people know, but don't get what it means. in 1913 the federal reserve is created, the monetary system is nationalized. there is no private monetary system. if you have problems in the monetary system, what this financial crisis is about, by definition the government policy profits. it's the other state highway bridges are falling down from me say that bridges are falling down on the government's problem. that's exactly true with monetary bridges falling down. the federal reserve is created in theory to reduce volatility in the economy. and practice what the
that johnson & johnson has taken it out of their products in china and other countries but not in the united states, well, if you can do it in one country, why can't you do it in all of them, doesn't everybody deserve safer baby shampoo no matter where they live? that put a lot of pressure on them because the consumers said we don't want those things in our products and the change happened and now they have a plan with timelines and clear transparent goals to get those chemicals out of their products. it might be a little slower than we'd all like as consumers but it's moving in the right direction and getting one major company to move put a lot of pressure on those other companies if they want to maintain their credibility, so we're seeing safer shampoo products, we want to pass laws. >> radiation is the longest and best studied exposure link to breast cancer and what can we do about that, some radiation is naturally occurring, but we know that since 1980, radiation exposures for the average person have doubled and most of that is probably due to a 600 % increase in medical radiation, we're
that their computer systems had been breached as well. they suspect hackers based in china. >>> a white house photo is making headlines tonight showing president obama skeet shooting at camp david last august. it comes just days before he launches a trip for stricter gun laws. there's a long tradition, though, of presidents photographed with shotguns. president jimmy carter. staring down the barrel of a shotgun at a shooting event. president george h.w. bush. but tonight, president obama's photo is already causing controversy. and here's abc's reena ninan now. >> reporter: putting to rest skeptics' questions about whether the president fired a gun. this white house photo released today shows him firing at clay pigeons at a gun range at camp david last august. the photo was made public as mr. obama prepares to campaign for new gun control measures. a trip to minneapolis monday. a state that's worked to improve background checks. the last time we saw the president with anything close to a gun, camp david 2011, a birthday party for his daughter sasha. >> when he goes to camp david, he goes to spend ti
of a pilot program to bring more business to the city's china town district. >> san francisco mayor ed lee is looking for ways the city can cash in on major sporting events. he wants to establish a permanent nonprofit organization to help bring future events here, including the 2024 olympic games. the mayor said the idea grew out of recent efforts to raise up to $20 million to help cover the city's costs for hosting the america's cup this summer. >> the city of temperature -- turlock is raising money in honor of colin kaepernick. temperature loch has turn into a cap per neck kingdom. his number, school pictures and posters are everywhere. >> he was really good at sports. also very shy. that's how i remember him. >> everybody says he is humble. a good kid. smart student. a great kid. >> kaepernick will surely approve where the money raised is going, it's being fulled into their town's education fund. >> the one thing to help-door -- to do to get some shuteye. >> leigh: we'll take one last look at live doppler 7hd before we say good night this evening. we say good night this evening. plus lo
's china town district. >> san francisco mayor ed lee is looking for ways the city can cash in on major sporting events. he wants to establish a permanent nonprofit organization to help bring future events here, including the 2024 olympic games. the mayor said the idea grew out of recent efforts to raise up to $20 million to help cover the city's costs for hosting the america's cup this summer. >> the city of temperature -- turlock is raising money in honor of colin kaepernick. temperature loch has turn into a cap per neck kingdom. his number, school pictures and posters are everywhere. >> he was really good at sports. also very shy. that's how i remember him. >> everybody says he is humble. a good kid. smart student. a great kid. >> kaepernick will surely approve where the money raised is going, it's being fulled into their town's education fund. >> the one thing to help-door -- to do to get some shuteye. >> leigh: we'll take one last look at live doppler 7hd before we say good night this evening. plus look ahead to big weather >> ama: an emotional moment when the families of human org
like iran and russia and china that are greatly accelerating their management budgets and forces. how does this change the balance of power from the united states as a dominant force to maybe some other country being the dominant military presence? >> there is no secret in the world certainly, governor that the united states economy is in a weakened cycle. but the fact that the united states military is going to be weakened as a result much our policies is quite extraordinary . that will as it has in the past. testimony encourage our adversears and embold end them to take much more riskings with their adventurist movement and things to achieve gerks o politically in the world. you can sigh it playing out before our eyes with the rise of al qaeda and affiliated. twice the size in iraq after we left our troops there a year and half ago . now the most aggressive and successful affiliated group in syria . the beng bing attack and lack of response to the bengazi attack brought on the mali attack . this is going to continue even further if the united states is not capable of responding. >>
and the pakistan taliban said they out the attack. china, a massive dike breach and water gurk out of the reservoir and flowing in a village and flooding home and businesses and factories. one person kill 19 other injured and several roads are closed to traffic. >> west bank. israeli troops firing tear gas at palestinian protestors who hurled rocks as they chanted. the israelis trying to dismantled a series was tents pitched by the activist. they are angry . no injuries are reported. russia, marking 70 years since the end of the battle of stalingrade. soldiers marched solemnly and a vintage tank rolled in the city once known as stalingrad. that was one . bloodiest cities and turning point in the world war. >> well, you might know they're going to play a game tomorrow in new orleans. have you heard about this? brian kilirks meades had a preview . breaking word on who is joining the football hall of fame. they announce it right before the big game and it is ground hog day. the guy is going to see the shadow or not . punxsutawney phil 'big moment in the spotlight and remember the movie? bill murray wa
that russia and china will not come aboard and stays within the system, stasis is the policy. this is a way of rating things. -- rigging things. if we come to a determination that the objectives that i listed before our worthy and necessary objectives, so that you have justified and and you discover that the un is precisely the antithesis of any meaningful means to accomplish this, it is pretty clear that staying within the united nations framework is a formula for doing nothing. putin has been given a veto over our foreman -- foreign policy. it unburdened the administration of the challenge of to face this problem directly. this has been going on for 22 months. if putin is not going to relent, we know about him. he believes in the heavy footprint. not a light footprint. i do is, that it was long ago time to go outside the un and the united states should find its allies. we will find such allies and we two a compost those objectives. >> are we hiding behind putin's skirts to avoid u.s. action? >> putin would love that phrase. [laughter] >> i don't think so. the reality is, it is fear of the
, and "the wall street journal" all reported their computers had been compromised. security experts say china started targeting american news organizations in 2008 to monitor their coverage of chinese issues. >>> the next hour of the cnn "newsroom" begins right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm don lemon. getting close to the top of the hour and topping the news right now, officials in alabama say the man holding a boy hostage in an underground bunker is allowing the delivery of potato chips, toys, and medicine. jinly lee
on a number of fronts, afghanistan, iran, china, sequestration in we will face huge cut that have to be done smartly in the defense budget. i have no faith and he is a republican. i'm a republican. i don't feel --. >> i want to jump back on north africa. there is a fundamental, beyond hagel, a fundamental problem. the president's real policy is not necessarily that of panetta and clinton. we watching the president move to his natural position which is really wrong which the country doesn't understand back to the point that democrats are going to have a problem. he is way left and i think that is why he wants hagel. >> secretary clinton by all accounts was far more aggressive in supporting the libyans, and undertaking the syrian opposition and taking on terror in north africa than the president has been. bottom line, what pat and john spoke to, they are right: there is a huge, huge division in democratic ranks that republicans have not explained. secretary panetta, he spoke directly to these issues in his outgoing interviews and spoke of the need to protect the defense budget. >>gregg: is it
of the china hands, people who are involved for a long time. we got the chairman of the joint chiefs, admiral mike mullen, to support and we got the secretary of defense to support it. we got a great plan and it will take awhile to implement. we ran right into service bureaucracy. what we ran into was people going, wow, if i put a man a woman into the program, they will be tied up for five years and they will not be competitive. they will not be good marines or air force officers or whatever. we cannot put talent in that program. i said, we've got to put down in that program. once this war is over, they will be lost because they will have wasted five years of their lives, and this war is not going to last that long. this point. we ran against personnel resistance. in every one of the services. the very grudgingly identified a certain number of people and they started putting people in the program. the program was managed -- i was managing the afghan and of it and had people working for me, but i was responsible. we did not implement it as well as we should have. it was going to get better ove
deonbecomes the first international star to perform on china's new year tv gala she'll be seen by an estimated one billion people. as for today, the big event is the super bowl, of course. our colleagues at cbs sports can barely wait for kick-off. >> well, it is super sunday morning here in new orleans. and the excitement is already building for the ravens and the 49'ers in super 47. hello, everyone. i'm james brown in champions plaza just outside the super dome joined by my colleagues as always. shan none, we know you have critiqued this game from every aspect. >> i hope the game is as good as the local cuisine. if it is it's going to be a barn burner. but the guys are in their room pacing. they just want the game to get here. do what they've been practicing the last two weeks to do and put on a great show for the fans. >> 92 guys will dress for those game. about six of those guys have already experienced what the super bowl is. the rest of the guys, the 86 or so guys this is the first time. there is nothing like super bowl sunday. new orleans has been great but now it's time to get it on. th
parking rates are going to draw people to oakland's china town just in time for the lunar new year which starts on february 10th. the pacific renaissance plaza parking garage will charge a flat rate of $2 from 5 until 11 p.m. during the week and those reduced prices are going to be in effect until further notice. >>> well, say farewell to coin- operated parking meters in san francisco. the city is upgrading its parking system and wants to do away with those old models of plunking coins into the machines. the san francisco examiner reports 30,000 meters throughout the city could be replaced with the newer technology. and it could all happen this fall under a new proposal. the new meters will take multiple forms of payment, and they'll also have those digital displays. contractors are expected to bid on the project in march. >>> fairly pleasant day in store for your sunday. a live look, just a gentle breeze blowing the 49er flag out over the waters at this time. continuing with the advisory, along our coastline, for the next half hour or so. the waves will begin to die down but it's someth
don't have enough help. >> i have a group in town down and china town and the north tunnel. [inaudible] the graffiti we abate everything is coming up to the areas now. >> i'm willing to take it on. i think -- >> you are telling me you are ready for this? >> i think so. >> okay. >> there you go. >> all right. >> all right. >> ready to do it. let's go. >> want to get the gray signses this over here and the garbage can and normally we don't do private property since it's on the corridor route you can come with me we will use black. >> we had a lot of changes in the graffiti unit. we do private property if someone moved we remove it and send it to the attorney's office and they take appropriate action. >> damage their property there. it's important to write the color in case they want to say what part of our house you abated the graffiti on. >> using your safety glasses the gloves. >> you got it. >> you know some places we gashi, people appreciate that. you know, a lot of timeses they say, thank you. >> the time where it's visible. a lot of people put it on the g
covered tenement in china and is one of the few people to have interviewed gadhafi. dr. len nichols of george mason university and the honorable gil wilensky, senior fellow at project hope. >> good morning. thank you for being here. i would like to thank the panel for being here. these are three of the deepest thinkers on health policy issues in the country. i am representing the shallow end of the scale here to balance it out. so you can see the stage is tipping pretty hard. [laughter] i think dr. james madara set a good tone in his opening comments. that is a good way to get into the discussion, to ask about the points he raised, especially the str, the doc fix, and transition into ways we can get physicians, patients and insurers more on board with improving medicare. and how medicare can lead the way. i know all of you have very specific spot on this subject. dr. paul ginsburg, what is the best way to get positions better involved in improving care via medicare? >> the main strategy long term is not so much to have individual positions interact with medicare in new ways but to h
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